Look. I was never a big fan of Christine or anything. Nonetheless, what happened at Season 4 of Selling Sunset, was beyond shittalking a colleague you don’t like. Her co-stars Chrishell, Mary and Heather couldn’t have one fucking Soy-Milk-Latte, without making it clear to the world that they would never. EVER. gonna. f-o-r-g-i-v-e. her. When, in fact, they might only need to forgive themselves about working at a company like the Oppenheim Group.

Can we stop bashing Christine – and instead talk about the misogynistic work culture at Selling Sunset, please?

I am not going into detail about all the gossip that has been spat out of their beautiful, cosmetically-improved lips. What concerned me the most, was not the lie about an engagement 5 years ago, but the fact that none of these emotionally hyper-aware women were able to spot where the real problem lies: the sexist, toxic and misogynistic work culture they are being exposed to.

The women of Selling Sunset are so tangled up in their own gossip-problems, that they don’t seem to get how their twin-bosses are actually ruling over them.

Let me give you a few examples:

  1. None of the women is partner. Hierarchy-wise, all of them are permanent employees, with little to no say in how the company is run.
  2. They fight over things like: seating arrangements. Although some of these women own 3 million dollar houses, they are still not completely free when it comes to choosing their desk. Are we in middle school?
  3. They have to be available 24/7. None of these perfectly dressed creatures is able to decide when to work. Isn’t “You can call me anytime” so 2004?
  4. A “no” is a … negotiable, overvalued word. No matter how many women vote against bringing Davina back to the office – in the end, it’s a man’s word.
  5. Speaking of Davina: being “too bossy” will get you fired. Remember that time, when Davina wanted to sell an overpriced listing? Well, even though Jason was right, she was basically being fired from being wrong. Once.
  6. Being nice and available is rule Nr. 1. No matter how shitty the client – if he wants to discuss his plans with you at dinner, you better should be going.
  7. Transparency is non-existent. There are plenty of secrets which keep the hen house in a place of insecurity.
  8. Jason told The Los Angeles Times that he encourages the employees to volunteer at local charities. No word about him being the one “losing perspective”.
  9. You don’t work your way up to the top – unless you are an heir. Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim’s family has been in real estate for five generations. Nepotism, anyone?
  10. Favoritism. Why does the ex-girlfriend always get the best deals, if “dedicated work” is what pays off at the group?

Although the twins often pretend to care about the problems the women are having while working with each other, they never respond with anything beyond “Please, no drama” or “You will sort things out”. Kinda like the un-involved male friend in collage, that didn’t back you up when a random douchebag hit at you in an inappropriate way. Funnily enough, none of their actions have any consequences or impact on the relationship they have with “the girls”. WELL BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BOSS.

All they care about is the image and reputation of the brokerage, not the mental state of their employees.

No one is ever officially sick (aside from one time at the end of season 4) or sloppily dressed. It’s not shown in the Netflix format, but I am sure that the size 0 women spend plenty of time in the gym when the cameras are turned off. Not only are they reproducing unreachable beauty-standards (in a pandemic…) imposed on them by the real estate industry, they are also constantly competing with each other as if they’re back in high school. Since they are always representing the Oppenheim Group, they need to look just as fancy, “young” and fresh as the houses they are selling.

“oooh wooowww what a GREAT OUTFIT YOU LOOK SO CUTE” *vomit emoji*

Talking about high school: Why does none of these women have actual friends outside of work? The constant talk about “the other women” is making me sick just by watching. I personally would have quit a long time ago, if I couldn’t have a conversation about anything else than my co-worker’s boyfriend, husband, evening plans or Instagram postings.

Selling Sunset might be a place to make good money, but it certainly ruins your friendships, your romantic relationships, your public reputation (due to all the gossip) and can not make up for the countless hours in which you had to smile your way up to the top, even when your heart was broken by someone sitting right next to your desk.

Of course, none of these rules need to be followed by the patriarchy-twins, who keep their private life notoriously private since season 1.

Instead of tearing each other apart, I would love to see Christine and Emma have a discussion about being super-rich – and at the same time, super dependent on males telling them how to do business. How can you be proud of your own independence, your own EMPIRE, when – in the end – two short men with weird standards dictate most of your time alive? It’s as if they wanted to be surrounded by beautiful women they’d like to fuck. Reminiscent of going to a strip club, only different.

Is it really worth it? Why don’t you kick them out and do your own thing, Chrishell, Christine, Emma, Mary? Why don’t you hire men, who are willing to fight for their seats in your office, dress up in tight pants and uncomfortable shirts all day, while pretending to like each other?

Oh, well. I forgot.

No matter how influential you are as a woman in patriarchy. As long as your whole industry is run by men, you have to swallow it. Or, as we have seen in the last four seasons: Take it out on other women.

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