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DerStandard.at „represents an exception, a rare case – both in Austria and internationally“

Die Newsrooms bekannter Tageszeitungen befinden sich momentan mitten in einem für die Zukunft des Journalismus essentiellen Erneuerungsprozess, der aufgrund einer drastisch veränderten Marktsituation hervorgerufen wurde. Viele Medienhäuser haben in Anbetracht der immer größer werdenden Bedeutung von Online multi-platform Ansätze für die Produktion und Distribution ihrer Inhalte ins Konzept integriert. The process of digitalization has obliged news […]

Journalists tend to be more resistant to innovation if they think it only serves business goals

Innovation in newsrooms is often not a straightforward process, indeed, it frequently faces many challenges. This article summarizes a comprehensive catalogue of factors involved in the evolution of the organization of labor and practices in the newsroom, from technological infrastructure to professional profiles. The essence of an innovative digital newspaper strategy seems to lie in […]

Why newspapers tend to mimic their competitors and how this affects media’s ability to play a critical role in society

As the world has sadly come to know, Charlie Hebdo is the satirical weekly tabloid that was attacked by two radical Islamist gunmen on Wednesday last week. Altogether 17 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Paris, including those at newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket. I am not going to discuss here any details, […]

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