Hey Glez, thanks for sharing your story with me/us, everyone who’s reading and not yet reading to tell their story. First I want to say: You can be very proud of you. You are still out there, living your passion, not taking yourself too serious (anymore) and, maybe the most important: You didn’t become too frustrated while living in a post-capitalist area, which sometimes feels like “not giving back” at all.

Still, the part about the chicken commercial made me really sad. But it’s the same in journalism. Shall I write some bullshit about this video, someone uploaded? Or shall I write some thoughtful essay no one gives me time or money for? That’s why I enjoy blogging a lot at the moment and want to continue this series about creative work and the hard times which kind of naturally come with it.

I was teaching for three years, back in my university years and I also really enjoyed it. I do wanna continue that in the future, for sure.